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Famous Prince Edward Island Restaurants

Prince Edward Island offers excellent opportunities to taste local food and international cuisine from all over the world. Top restaurants to enjoy fresh food and tasty meals offer breakfast options, pizza, Thai and Chinese food, seafood, and a lot more.

Fine Dining Options

There are great fine dining restaurants around Prince Edward Island which use ingredients from foragers, local famers, and their own herb gardens and organic farms. The Inn at Bay Fortune is one such place that features food cooked on a live fire. The menu includes desserts, organic vegetables, wood-roasted meat, the catch of the day, wood-oven baked bread, and even campire marshmallows. The Pearl Eatery is also a great place to visit and enjoy delicious food and special events. The chief uses edible flowers and herbs from the restaurant’s own garden to prepare tasty meals, sides and desserts. The menu includes oysters with hot sauce and pickled blueberry, pork belly and loin with mustard and apple crema, and carrot cake with candied pecans and sheep butter icing. Visitors can choose from sides such as creamy polenta, beans and grains, roasted red potatoes, and more. The Claddagh Oyster House also offers a great fine dining experience and fresh, delicious food and seafood. You can try fried pork ribs with green onions and toasted peanuts, shrimp tempura, or island lobster risotto with pea sprouts, parmesan cheese, and cream.


You will find plenty of restaurants that offer Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Thai food, along with healthy choices. Italian restaurants abound - Piatto Pizzeria, Buono Mangia, Michael's Pizzeria, Famous Peppers Pizza, and many others. The Famous Peppers Pizza, for example, offers oven-based chicken wings, garlic fingers, cheese pizzas and pizzas, specials, and salads. Visitors enjoy tasty pizzas with ingredients such as mozzarella, chicken, pepperoni, Italian sausage, goat cheese, feta cheese, and even toasted coconut. Boston Pizza is also a great place to try and taste a selection of sides, entrees, and desserts. The menu includes cheese pizza, chicken pizza, penne with meat or tomato sauce, and a lot more. Visitors can try Thai cuisine as well – Leo's Thai Kitchen, Lai Thai Restaurant, Bow Thai, and the Spicey Chef Restaurant offer Thai food. The Spicey Chef Restaurant, for instance, is a great place to try Thai, Indian, and Mexican cuisine and enjoy a different special each day. The ingredients are fresh, tasty, and carefully selected to prepare delicious meals. Bow Thai in York also offers a selection of tasty meals, including curry and stir fried dishes, dinner and lunch specials, seafood specials, noodles, appetizers, soups, and more. The restaurant offers interesting and tasty meals such as basil chicken, green curry beef, Chinese broccoli fried rice, and pineapple curry chicken.

Visitors who love Indian cuisine have plenty of choice as well. Restaurants such as Namaste PEI, Himalayan Indian Cuisine, and the Cook and Indis World Buffet feature Indian-style meals, sides, and desserts. The Driftwood Heights café in Summerside offers Canadian, Indian, and French-style meals and seafood and specials of the day such as moujadara with garden salad and chicken shawarma. Himalayan Indian Cuisine also features a tasty selection of dishes for every taste, ambience, and relaxing environment. The menu includes beef korma with spices and cashew nut gravy, beef tikka masala with Indian spices and onion tomato gravy, and lamb madras with mustard seeds and onion and coconut gravy. While the restaurant is simple, small, and ordinary looking, visitors enjoy meals of excellent quality. It is a good idea to call ahead because seating is limited.

Starting Your Own Restaurant on a Tight Budget


To start a restaurant on a tight budget, you need a good business plan to present to financial institutions, an attractive location, a menu that appeals to customers, and industry experience.

Types of Restaurants on а Tight Budget

One idea is to open a small restaurant and offer local, fresh food. There are some fantastic restaurants with an ambient and relaxing atmosphere and 10 – 30 seats. A pop-up restaurant is also a good choice on a tight budget. This is a place that pops up at different locations over a short period, say two weeks or a month. Some restaurants pop up at unusual locations like old and empty buildings. Alternatively, you can rent a venue for a couple of days or weeks using the kitchen and equipment of an existing restaurant. A food truck is a third option to consider on a tight budget. The main advantage is that you can move your truck restaurant to a location where you are more likely to attract customers. And you can always use social media to inform existing customers of your current location.

Your Business Plan

A business plan is a must if you are on a tight budget and need financing to open a restaurant. Begin with an executive summary and describe the type of restaurant, menu, location, and other details. Highlight the fact that your management team has extensive experience in marketing, finance, management, catering, and the fine dining (food) industry. Continue with a section on your mission, i.e. to offer high quality, friendly service, ambient atmosphere, and delicious food. It is a good idea to include a section that covers your goals and objectives, for example, advertising and marketing venues, average sales volume, low labor and food costs, etc.
You may want to include a section titled keys to success such as a high-traffic location, easy-to-remember brand, unique menu and tasty meals, etc. When it comes to financing, it is important to mention your start-up costs, for example, stationary, packing, monthly rent, furniture, equipment, kitchen, etc. Make a list of your total assets, including long-term, current, and start-up assets as well as the amount of cash required. A restaurant business plan may also include a section on your competitors, target market, market segmentation, market trends and needs, buying patterns, industry analysis, etc.

Government and Private Sources of Financing

There are multiple sources of financing, the main ones being government-backed loans and funding offered by unions, banks, and other private providers. The first step that many businesses make is to apply for a loan or grant under the Canada Small Business Financing Program. This is one way to obtain a low-cost loan of up to $1 million. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria are asked to submit a business proposal. Note that loans are offered and administered by participating financial institutions. Businesses that fail to qualify have other options, including government grants, tax credits and refunds, loan guarantees, contributions, and a lot more. Another option is to apply with a local or big bank, your credit union, or another private loan provider of your choice (preferably a financial entity that has you as a regular customer). Having a long-established relationship means that you are more likely to benefit from favorable terms, a competitive rate, and a flexible repayment schedule. Make sure you ask for prepayment penalties, whether the rate is fixed or flexible, and whether they are willing to offer a slightly lower interest rate. Finally, peer to peer networks and angel investors also offer financing to businesses.

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